Students of the Month - November

Students of the Month - November

Freshmen: Elizabeth Limones

Elizabeth is a very dedicated student.  She also has a genuine interest for learning and a natural curiosity about her. Elizabeth goes above and beyond every day.  She comes in early to ask questions when she doesn't understand something and she always participates in class! Elizabeth Limones-Elizabeth is an excellent student.  She sets high standards for herself and is always ready and willing to help any of her fellow ECHS classmates to do their best.  Elizabeth embodies the vision of an ECHS student of being engaged, globally-minded, service and leadership.


Sophomore: Jacqueline Torres Badillo

Jackie has taken responsibility for her learning by requesting extra practice and attending voluntary tutorials to increase her grade. She also participates frequently in class and always sends very professional emails. Her organization skills and work ethic have allowed her to excel as a virtual student and it is a pleasure to have her as a student!


Junior: Elian Garcia

This young man has matured so very much over a year and even over these nine weeks! Right now he has the highest grade in U.S. history! Elian is a traditional learner and has been a positive role model for the other traditional learners. He looks out for them and is constantly encouraging them to "do better." He "keeps watch" over another student, too, almost like a big brother. Obviously, we are immensely proud of him.


Senior: Melissa Tome

We are impressed not only by her learning, but especially by her process. She will be successful no matter what she does in life because she has learned how to learn. She is not shy about asking questions, but she always approaches her question by first telling you what she has done and thought so far.