Teacher of the 9 Weeks


Teacher of the Third Nine Weeks

Whitney Kelley

English / ESSER

Kelley, Whitney

Whitney Kelly joined the ECHS family this school year as our forth English Language Arts and Journalism teacher. She is currently pursuing a Master in Education (C & I – Reading and Literacy Education) at Texas A&M University. In this short period of time she has earned the respect and affection of the students and school staff. She is a very dedicated and loving teacher. She represents what the ideal teacher should be and is an exemplary role model for not just the youth, but for everyone.

Her goal with students is to create a comfortable learning environment and to help the students become self-sufficient and strengthen their ECHS work ethic so that they are successful as they continue in their academic path and then in whatever path they choose when they graduate from ECHS/Dallas College. 

Congratulations Mrs. Kelley! 

Teacher of the Second Nine Weeks

Frank Lightfoot

Physical Education / AVID

Coach Lightfoot - Teacher of the Second 9 Weeks

Early College High School is proud to celebrate Mr. Frank Lightfoot as its "Teacher of the Second Nine Weeks."

"Coach," as Mr. Lightfoot is affectionately referred, began his teaching career in 1990, following his graduation from the University of Central Arkansas.  It was there that he earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree as well as a master's degree.  Lightfoot soon began coaching and teaching in North Carolina but relocated to the Dallas area in 1998, obtaining a position at Dan F. Long Middle School.  There Lightfoot served as an assistant coach and a teacher of physical education.  Seven years later Lightfoot was promoted to the role of Athletic Coordinator, yet continued to teach physical education.

In 2017, Lightfoot transitioned to Early College High School.  It was here that he began teaching aerobic activities (formerly physical education) to freshmen.  The following year he added A.V.I.D. [Advancement Via Individual Determination] to his responsibilities, serving sophomores.  Regardless of his duties, "Coach" serves all our students!  Without question, he has a heart of gold and maintains a personal, supportive relationship with students and staff alike.

Now in his fifth year at Early College High School, Lightfoot continues to teach aerobic activities and A.V.I.D.  In addition, he acts as the school's representative on the District Improvement Committee and co-sponsors both the Archery Club and K.I.N.D.

Congratulations, Coach Lightfoot!  Job well done!  

Teacher of the First Nine Weeks

Peggy Busby

Chemistry / AVID

Ms. Busby Teacher of the 1st 9 Weeks


This is Ms. Busby's second year teaching at ECHS. She has been teaching for 26 years, and she has been in CFBISD for 25 years.

Ms. Busby is academically, personally ,and socially committed to the positive development of all of her students (science and extra curricular). She provides ample extra tutorial times for both her science students and her teaching colleagues - a pure definition of an ambassador of 'Esprit de Corps.'